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Helping men struggling in relationships gain greater self awareness, self confidence and connect with others in a more authentic way


I offer client focused psychodynamic psychotherapy for men who are looking to heal and connect with others in a more authentic way.  As someone who understands the difficulty and struggles of developing a healthy relationship, I can empathize with the experience many men have of not knowing how to create the relationships they desire in their lives.  As someone who has worked on myself extensively, I believe in the benefits of the therapeutic process and in the possibility to heal and change for the better.  My work with men involves a 3 step process which is tailored in a collaborative manner.  These 3 steps are:

Understanding Our History

I believe it’s crucial for men to comprehend the roots of their automatic reactions and emotions. This understanding empowers them to consciously choose their behavior in the present, fostering the freedom and capability to form meaningful connections without being bound by outdated relational patterns.


It’s essential for men to cultivate awareness of their present emotions and experiences.  This awareness can enable a more focused and direct approach to communication and connection.



I believe that practice is essential to move from theory to real life experiences and for true change to take place one must move out of his comfortable zone. I assist men in practicing healthy forms of connection in the here and now.

Psychotherapy sessions

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I provide psychotherapy for men struggling in relationships in London Ontario (Old South) area and virtually.

Graduated from the Ontario Psychotherapy and Counselling Program with a Diploma in Psychotherapy.


Thesis concentration on Bioenergetics and Body psychotherapy.


Special Interest in Men’s Issues and relationships.

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